Touch to Scan and Translate Offline

A truly innovative scanner recognize any text with touch to scan and translate text completely offline.


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Key Features

  • Multiple methods for scanning text: 1. By touch - Touch to highlight the scan area you want to extract the text. 2. By crop - Crop the picture that you want to scan.

  • Multi language translator packs that translates completely offline available for download.

  • All processing happens on your iPhone. No internet required, completely works offline. Your data confidentiality is guaranteed.

  • Features 12 language recognition, 28 online language translation and 37 offline translators available for download. The libraries are constantly updated and added.

  • Post your recognized text anywhere to the internet. You can share via email or SMS or post to your Evernote, Dropbox or Facebook.

  • Intelligent image processing: Auto text orientation, auto image adjustment to enhance scan quality.

  • Fast and accurate text recognition quality.

  • Simple and clean UI with intuitive effects.

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