Overcome Your Camera Sensor Limitations

Versatile shooting modes for you to take incredible photos in all kind of situations.


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Key Features

  • HDR mode produces true HDR by merging multiple photos into single image.

  • Choose to shoot HDR in Single-Shot or Multi-Shot mode. Single-Shot avoid camera blur and Multi-Shot produce better HDR effect.

  • Video-HDR mode processes every single frame from the video to produce the HDR effect and show it on the camera.

  • Zoom mode uses in-house single image technique to preserve image details after the image is rescaled.

  • Noise-Less mode eliminate noise from the image and render the image to a cleaner and smoother result without sacrificing the details

  • High-Resolution mode produces up to 32MP images from a regular 8MP camera sensor, while preserving every details and sharpness in image.

  • Low-Light mode evaluates the brightness of the scene and auto brighten and contrast the image to present a decent lighting result.

  • Built in user guide for the usage and technical aspect of the shooting modes.

  • Photo gallery for reviewing images and their metadata including GPS.

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