Mobile App Specialist

Computer Vision

We specialised in computer vision technologies and applied the algorithm to many project such as able to detect object movement from camera by analysing the image frames, segment particular object from the image or auto correct the image perspective.

We master the computer algorithm and fine tuning and we able to make the computational in mobile device fast enough to achieve good performance and excellent result.


Optical Character Recognition

We had implemented multiple projects using optical character recognition (OCR). Our in house algorithm able to segment text area from device camera in real time. We able to optimize the algorithm to perform image segmentation, text recognition and language translation on mobile device limited computational power.

Our OCR supports multiple languages recognition and translation with fast performance and perfect accuracy.


Augmented Reality

We had applied argumented reality technology to project object on the user mobile device camera. This has greatly simplified the software usability because now the user can visualise the direction or objects through the device camera projected on the real world environment.


Data Analytics

We able to perform data analytics on transaction data to produce analytic reports for you to make data driven decision. We able to perform data segmentation and regression on the data mining to provide you a performance metrics on transaction data or customer data. That allows you to craft most optimised pricing and marketing on the products or services offered.


Web Services

We provide web services integration for mobile app with backend server. We handle XML, JSON or any proprietary messaging communication through web HTTP requests.

We have intensive experience in integrating the mobile app with third party web service provider such as Google, Yahoo, Salesforce, Facebook, PayPal, Evernote and Dropbox. Intensive hand on experience using their API libraries embedded in mobile app to perform desired operation from the web services.


Push Notification

We provide mobile device push notification for you to directly engage with your customers. It can be promotional materials or your service alerts required to inform user. The notification can appear right on their mobile device even without the mobile app is being launched.


Payment Gateway

We facilitate payment service on your mobile app so that user can make credit card or PayPal purchase right in the app for your offered products or services. The service including the order tracking and invoicing to the customer.


Map/Location Service

We use GPS to locate customer and drop pin on map, indicate the route from customer location to your store. We also retrieve location information to perform computational tasks like identifying the user timezone, weather, language, calculate the periods of the day. Location service is also essential for performing augmented reality through the real world.


Barcode/QR Code/RFID

We tag label to your products using barcode, QR code, or RFID to facilitate the inventory control, the sales performance and order tracking. This is extremely useful for warehouse management and custom duty tracking.